Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Here Goes

In the haze which is student life a comment by one of my lecturers has stuck out and played on my mind for a number of weeks.....'there is nothing as un-inspirational as a white page', which i feel has certainly applied when creating this blog. Night after night have i worried about the name (has to make an impression, cool, quirky not cheesy), the type face (will someone physco-analyse me if i use arial?) the layout, the content (will anyone be interested?), the list is endless, all whilst staring at a blank screen. So tonight I have decided to make that leap, jump into the unknown and share with you my thoughts, inspirations and some of my work....


  1. we are always told at my uni we should be blogging as they are so influential! my next door neighbour actually got her current job through her blog, and look at susie bubble!
    keep it up Jin x

  2. looks like an awesome blog, i like to read blogs... and newspapers but this will be my new favourite... i like it.